Muftau Apooyin… artist with wet as passion

Nature and its human activities, specifically, within the waterside axis are the basic factors that energise the canvas of Muftau Apooyin. The love between Apooyin and nature dates back to his childhood years in Nigeria’s aquatic city, Lagos.

The calmness of the river that derives its glowing textures from the sunrise and sunset, in plurality with the waves of the ocean on the other side of the city, are among the inspirations from which Apooyin, over the years, has generated many timeless pieces of art. Adding to the artist’s creative dexterity are the human factors such as houses, schools on stilts, as well as the general livelihood of the riverine communities.

Taking nature as studies in artistic context, over the years, Apooyin’s brushings have the mastery of creating hyperrealism contents in such movements as ripples, flashes and bouncing of lights off waters to generate reflection effect.

Also, taking his signature in mastery of wet surface further are raining season subjects that, most times, inject calmness on the canvas for spiritual transmission.

Apooyin incredibly paints the water ripples so real to the point of creating an illusion of movement on his canvas. His art has created personal lexicon of visual contents from which he developed a unique way of appropriately manipulating his colors, for rendition of water.

Not exactly an artist of mono style or subject — despite being a consistent specialist — Apooyin’s art also captures images in texturized form. And in the last seven years, the impasto textures have also been boosted with cubism and stylised pseudo-naive forms.

Currently based in U.S., Apooyin has shown his works at quite a number of exhibitions. As an artist with strokes for details, Apooyin has done quite a number of commissioned works for both private and corporate collections.

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